Society for Social & Technological Support (SSTS)
مؤسسة الدعم الإجتماعي و التكنولوجي- بنغلاديش

Society for Social & Technological Support (SSTS) is acting among all the Community in Bangladesh to perform different voluntary activities e.g. Orphan care project, construction of Mosques, Madrasa, Schools, College, Clinic and Hospitals. Emergency Relief operation programs for disaster victims like, Cyclone (SIDR, AILA), flood, drought, etc. Emergency medical camp for the effected people of disaster affected areas. Establishment of Poor Houses and  shelters for the rehabilitation of Homeless people. Installation of shallow tube well for supplying both pure drinking water & Deep tube well for irrigation. Besides above other charitable activities launch by the SSTS for the welfare of the people of the Bangladesh.

Some Muslim countries  are donating for developing our country . SSTS is working to achieve their dream. SSTS is operating as a coordinator in Kuwait and Qatar  among the various charitable  organizations and philanthropists.